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Matt Nordstrom / Bike Check Francis • 10/3/2017

Click around to check out Matt’s latest whip!

Frame: Fit Savage (21″ TT)
Fork: Odyssey R25
Handlebar: Fit Vandlebar
Stem: Odyssey DGN
Headset: Odyssey Pro (Conical)
Grips: Odyssey Pursuit Grips
Seat: Fit Solo
Seatpost: Fit Tripod
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt (LHD/170mm)
Sprocket: Odyssey Discogram (25-T)
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Pro
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Tires: Odyssey Path Pro (2.4″ Front, 2.25″ Rear)
Pegs: Odyssey Graduate (Plastic)
Front Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite Front Wheel
Hazard Lite Rim laced to Vandero Pro Front Hub
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster Wheel
Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim laced to Clutch v2 Freecoaster (9-T, LHD)