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Tires & Tubes / Path Pro Tire


  • Black Only

Path Pro Tire

We’re happy to introduce the new Path PRO tire. This tire is based on the popular Path tire from the early 2000’s, but it’s been fully redesigned to meet today’s riding styles.


  • Directional tread pattern with smooth center tread
  • Proprietary rubber compound
  • Improved grip & wear resistance
  • Micro-knurled side blocks
  • Dual ply sidewalls
  • 100 max PSI


  • 20×2.25″ (26.7oz)
  • 20×2.40″ (27.8oz)

NOTE: Yes, it squeaks.

Available Now: Path Pro Tires

All new Path Pro tires are available now. These are a modern take on the OG Path tires that originally came out in 2003.

Ask for them at your local shop or favorite mailorder.

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