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Tires & Tubes / Path Pro Tire

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Path Pro Tire

Based on the popular Path tire from the early 2000’s, The Path Pro has been fully redesigned to meet today’s riding styles. This includes a proprietary rubber compound that is both extra-grippy and long-lasting, bigger sizing options, and an all new tread pattern inspired by the original with a smooth center tread and knurled side blocks.


  • Directional tread pattern with smooth center tread
  • Proprietary rubber compound
  • Improved grip & wear resistance
  • Micro-knurled side blocks

Pressure Options

  • High Pressure: 100 PSI / Dual-Ply Sidewall
  • Low Pressure: 35-65 PSI / Lighter, Single-Ply Sidewall


  • 20×2.25″
  • 20×2.40″

NOTE: Yes, it squeaks.