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Tires & Tubes

Pursuit Tire

Low profile tread
20x2.20 or 20x2.40
Gum, Orange, or Black (Blackwall)

Ross 2 Tire

Aaron Ross Signature
Updated block tread
20x2.30 or 20x2.40
Gum, White, or Black (Blackwall)

Dugan Tire

Tom Dugan Signature
Motorcycle style tread
20x2.30 or 20x2.40
Black, Red, or Gum (Blackwall)

Aitken Tire

20x2.45, 20x2.25, 20x2.125,
20x2.10, or 20x1.90
Dual ply or P-Lyte® options

K-Lyte® Blackwall only

Frequency G Tire

20x1.85 or 20x1.75
Dual ply casing
Foldable Tanwall option
P-Lyte® option
K-Lyte™ option

20x1.75 SC K-Lyte™
* Special compound that's softer and grippier.

Aitken Tire – Knobby

20x2.125 or 20x2.35
Single ply casing
Foldable Tanwall option

Path Tire

Dual ply casing

P-Lyte® Blackwall only

Aitken Tire – Nightwolf

Same as the Aitken tire but with reflective red stripe on the sidewall

20x2.25 or 20x2.10
Black Dual Ply only

Air Supply Inner Tube


We have a variety of tires to choose from that are available in various sidewall, beads, casing and compound options.

Single Ply (Diagram)
Single ply casing is used only on our Aitken Knobby tire. This traditional tire design is light weight, simple and functional.

Dual Ply (Diagram)
Our standard tires use an extremely tough dual-ply casing and a tried and true steel bead.

P-Lyte (Diagram)
P-Lyte tires upgrade the casing we use on our original tires with our unique, extremely durable and lightweight P-Lyte casing.

Foldable Tan Wall (Diagram)
A special tan wall edition tire that matches our standard double ply casing with our top-of-the-line ultra light foldable bead.

K-Lyte (Diagram)
Our K-Lyte tires combine all of our most advanced tire technologies into one tire. Having both our special durable and light weight P-Lyte casing and our ultra lightweight foldable bead.

SC K-Lyte (Diagram)
Our SC K-Lyte tires combine all the advanced benefits of K-Lyte with a Special Compound (SC) tread. Our Special compound is extra soft and designed to be extra grippy on slick surfaces. Also has both our special durable and light weight P-Lyte casing and our ultra lightweight foldable bead.

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