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Tom Dugan:
Holy Fit

Oh yeaaaah. This part is sick. Tom Dugan in Holy Fit.


Click below for some split sections with Mike AItken, Matt Nordstrom and Jared Swafford.

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[RE-UP] Aitken & Dugan in Idaho/Montana

Remember that time that MIKE AITKEN and TOM DUGAN hopped in a Trans AM and traveled through Idaho and Montana in 2011?

Filmed and Edited by JOE RICH.

[RE-UP] Mike Aitken:

Today is Aitken’s birthday and to celebrate, we’re re-upping his section from Electronical!

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Mike Aitken:
Perspective 002

The Diggest crew put together this wonderful piece on Mike Aitken, a truly inspirational human being. Don’t miss this. Sit back and enjoy!

From his riding to his brain injury recovery, everything shows that he was a true model of strength, willpower and style. Discover a video portrait that pays tribute to one of the most stylish and influential rider of his generation.

– The Diggest

Mike Aitken’s Electronical Part

…cuz Mikey is the man.

Mike Aitken:
Soul Interview

Shout out to Fit for putting this up!

Soul BMX ran an interview (in French) that Jeremy Pavia did with Mike a few months ago. We figured plenty of English speakers would want to read it too, so we threw it in a flipbook for you. Mike does a really good job of explaining a lot of tough stuff, so if you’re an Aitken fan, consider this a must-read.

Mike Aitken:
Rapid Response

Click on over to Dig for a Rapid Response Q&A with Mikey!

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Mike Aitken:
BMX Action Interview

A lot of you guys might not remember what BMX Action is (the original or the unauthorized resurrection) but a young, 16 year old Mike Aitken happen to have an interview in the inaugural issue of the latter. Click on over to Collateral BMX to check it out.

Does it turn you off to one day maybe being big time?
I don’t think I really want to be big time like that. I’d rather be big time like, more like Joe Rich and Taj. You know what I mean? More like being respected and stuff.

He pretty much pulled that off with ease.

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New Jeff Z Site!

Our friend Jeff Zielinski has launched a new site, be sure to check it out. We’ve worked with Jeff for many years and he has accumulated a great body of work.

Above is a classic of Mr Aitken.

Mike Aitken:
Dig Photo Issue

Mike Aitken graces the cover of the new DIG photo issue. Unbelievable style right there.

Shout out to Keith Terra on the photo. Pick this issue up, it’s awesome.