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Travis Hughes:
Park Days & How-To Pegs Hard 360
Francis • 2/9/2017

Here’s a couple new videos with our boy Travis! Watch him shred some skateparks, and then level-up your own game with a How-To.

Vital BMX:
Odyssey at Interbike
Nuno • 9/21/2015

Watch Jim Bauer talk you through a few of the new items we had at Interbike. There is a lot more new stuff that didn’t make the video, so stay tuned for info on those in the coming months.

2015 Vital Audience Survey Awards Nuno • 9/10/2015


Shout out to Vital for sending through these awards from the 2015 Audience Survey. We’re stoked and greatly appreciate everyone’s support throughout the years.

Jacob Cable:
Vans HB Session
Francis • 12/23/2014

Here’s Jacob unleashing a fury of tech at the local Vans park in Huntington Beach. Hit play and then prepare to hit rewind because you’ll definitely want to watch some of these moves twice.

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Day 3 Highlights from Vital
Francis • 10/20/2014

Here are some Day 3 highlights from Vital BMX!

Day 2 Highlights from Vital BMX
Francis • 10/19/2014

Day 2 is a wrap and here’s a new highlight reel from Vital BMX.

Broc wins Sunday Bikes’ Highest Bunnyhop Challenge
Francis •

Sunday Bikes‘ highest bunnyhop challenge went down yesterday and for the 4th year in the row, Broc still remains undefeated. Not only that, I bet he could’ve gone an extra inch or two on top of the already whopping 49″ hop.

Brought to you by Vital BMX.

Day 1 Highlights from Vital BMX
Francis • 10/18/2014

Check out some stuff you might’ve missed from Day 1 of #TexasToast2014. Brought to you by Vital BMX

Likewise at Bishop Skatepark Francis • 5/21/2014

Come watch our San Diego buds throw down some sweet stunts while sporting some incredible mustaches. Kyle Hart, Tom Perry, Dirt Ron and more are all in on this party.

Gary Young:
Coffee Talk
Francis • 2/19/2014

Gary doesn’t discriminate when it comes to ways of the shred. He rides everything and rides everything well but his latest video part was all street and has made some serious waves. Vital BMX sat down with him to learn more about all the clips he’s been stacking for the past five years.

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