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Truly Odd
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Sidehack Check Posted by Francis on Nov 30, 2009

Greyboy and Truly Odd

Photo by Fat Tony @ RideBMX.com

Greyboy and Truly have a bike check up on the Ride site, along with an interview about Impakt Sidehacks and an online version of their Sidehack Love article from earlier this year. Constantly carrying 315lbs plus the force of landings and grinds, these 3 wheeled cousins can take and handle a lot of abuse. Check out the bike check to see what type of parts they’re running on it!

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Jimmy Levan footage Posted by Francis on May 4, 2009

Greyboy and Truly Odd: Wallpaper at RideBMX.com ( Widescreen | Standard )

Hercules Sidehacks Posted by Francis on Sep 22, 2008

This was spotted over on Defgrip. If you’re going to be at Interbike this week, make sure to head over to our booth. We’re going to have a sidehack there that’s fully loaded with Odyssey components.