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TexasToast2013 Dirt
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Dirt / Dig Gallery
Francis • 10/28/2013

Chase Hawk

Photo from Dig BMX

The dirt portion of Texas Toast is kind of a lawless land. We get dudes hitting the jumps backwards, random rebel runs and Chase Hawk and Chad Osburn running trains for ALL their final runs. Here’s Chase cranking a 360 locomotive with Chad in tow. Hit up Dig BMX for more photos.

Dirt Finals / Ride BMX Gallery
Francis • 10/22/2013

Chris Doyle

Photo from Ride BMX

I can’t get over how good this photo is. I’m not sure if this was during finals or not but it doesn’t really matter. Head over to Ride BMX for more.

Dirt Finals / Ride BMX Video
Francis •

Video from Ride BMX

If you’re not a fan of Chris Childs by now then there’s something terribly wrong with you. The dude is a wild man and got the well deserved win in this year’s #TexasToast2013 Dirt Contest.

Dirt Finals / Vital BMX Video
Francis •

Video from Vital BMX

I can truly say this is the best dirt contest I’ve ever been to. Great riding, perfect vibe, and endless fun.

Vital BMX

Dirt Qualifying / Ride BMX Gallery
Francis • 10/21/2013

Zack Warden

Zack Warden / Photo from Ride BMX

I love how it looks like there’s no way Zack is getting back on that bike. Head over to Ride BMX for over 50 more photos from dirt.

Finals / Vital BMX Gallery
Francis •

Clint Reynolds

Clint Reynolds / Photo from Vital BMX

First off, Clint is badass. Not only did he help build the dirt jumps but he slayed them humps as well. Here’s him cranking a 360 un-lookback during finals. Make sure to hit up Vital BMX for the full gallery.