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Chase Hawk:
Bike Check
Francis • 3/27/2014

FRAME: Cult Hawk V2, Trans Green
FORK: Odyssey R32
BARS: Cult Hawk
STEM: Odyssey TDFL
HEADSET: Odyssey
SEAT: Odyssey Chase Hawk Signature, Tripod
SEATPOST: Odyssey Tripod
FRONT TIRE: Odyssey Hawk Signature, P-Lyte, 2.4″
REAR TIRE: Odyssey Hawk Signature, P-Lyte, 2.2″
FRONT WHEEL: Odyssey A+ Complete (Antigram Front Hub laced to Aerospace Rim)
REAR WHEEL: Odyssey A+ Complete (Antigram Rear Hub laced to Aerospace Rim)
REAR HUB GUARD: Odyssey Antigram
SPROCKET: Odyssey Chase Hawk C-512
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 180mm, LHD

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Grant Germain:
Bike Check
Francis • 8/13/2013

Click around to find out what Grant’s rolling on these days.

Bike and portrait photos by Walter Pieringer.
Action photos by Jon Nemecek.

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Eric Lichtenberger:
Bike Check
Francis • 6/24/2013

First, this is probably one of the best bike check photos ever. Second, click on over to Ride BMX to check out Eric’s new ride. It’s gold. It’s clean. It’s awesome.

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Tom Dugan “TDFL” Stem:
Available Now
Francis • 5/15/2013

Fact: Tom Dugan loooooves frontload stems. So much so that we worked with him on his own. With that said, his signature TDFL stem is available now!

The TDFL is made from 6061 Aluminum and is being offered in 45mm (quicker steering/easier front wheel tricks) and 53mm (traditional) lengths for ALL colors. Odyssey pre-load bolts sit flush with stem when mounted properly.

Click below for more pics.

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Hunter Green & Bronze:
Available Now
Francis • 4/26/2013

For 2013, we are introducing Hunter Green and Bronze products to our lineup. As you can see from the picture, these anodize finishes look great and will add a nice touch to your ride.

The kits include the following items:

  • Chase Hawk C-512 sprocket
    25t, 27t, 28t, 30t or 31t sizes
    7075-T6 aluminum
  • Tom Dugan TDFL stem
    45mm or 53mm reach
    7.5mm rise or 24mm when flipped
    6061-T6 aluminum
  • Sean Sexton SXTN stem
    48mm reach
    33mm rise or -1.5mm when flipped
    6061-T6 aluminum
  • Evo 2 brakes
    Front or rear brake compatible
    Cable hanger, straddle cable and an array of hardware included
  • Monolever
    Hinged clamp
    medium lever size
  • Antigram hub
    2014-T6 aluminum shell
    14mm or 3/8″ inbound axle
    9-T Driver
    Left or right hand drive
    Compatible Hub Guard (Optional)
  • Antigram front hub (not pictured, coming soon)

Bronze originally came about as a color option that Tom Dugan picked for his signature TDFL stem late last year, and we thought is was sweet enough to carry over to other parts. As for Hunter Green, that just looks sweet too.

Hit up your local bike shop or favorite mailorder and ask for Hunter Green or Bronze Odyssey awesomeness!

Click below for more images.

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Tom Dugan:
Bike Check
Francis • 4/24/2013

Dugan’s bike is made for blasting high and if you build the exact same setup, your chances of achieving stratospheric airs may improve* dramatically. Click around the flipbook above to get up close and personal with his current ride.

Photos by Walter Pieringer.

*probably not.

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Available Now:
TDFL & SXTN Oil Slick Stems
Francis • 3/12/2013

TDFL Oil Slick

TDFL Oil Slick

SXTN Oil Slick

SXTN Oil Slick

The Sean Sexton and Tom Dugan Oil Slick stems are available in the US now! Only 300 of each stem will be available worldwide, and each one is numbered. Which one will you get?

US dealers can contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory for availability.

There will also be Oil Slick stems hitting Germany, Greece, Poland, Singapore, Kuwait, Russia, Costa Rica, England, Denmark, Japan, Canada and Russia soon!

Click below for full stem specs and tech sheets.

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Tom Dugan:
Bike Check
Francis • 11/14/2012

Check out this sexy beast. Tom Dugan’s bikes are always dialed and this one is no exception. Head over to RideBMX.com to check it out.