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Sunday Bikes
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ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / An Introduction Francis • 6/16/2017

Get ready, Odyssey vs Sunday is underway now. Which team will win a trip anywhere in the world? Here’s the rundown:

  • All Odyssey and Sunday team riders can visit the Providence, RI house whenever they want, all summer long.
  • Odyssey and Sunday will each release a video in the fall with all their best footage.
  • Viewers vote for their favorite video, and the team with the most votes wins a trip anywhere in the world.
  • Riders from both teams will also be working together to film and edit VX videos dropping monthly.

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Gary Young Grow Up Part Nuno • 3/14/2017

It’s always a treat to watch Gary Young ride, especially when he seems to keep getting better and better! This part from the Sunday Bikes Grow Up video is awesome.


Lunch Money / All In Francis • 2/14/2016

Watch 7 minutes of the best clips from the crew’s week in Denver.

LUNCH MONEY: Starring Matt Nordstrom, Julian Arteaga, Mark Burnett, Brandon Webster, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable.

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 6
Francis • 2/13/2016

Welcome to the final installment of LUNCH MONEY! Who do you think is gonna come away with the free trip? Get ready for the mix video with all the guys’ best clips dropping tomorrow at noon west coast time!

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 5
Francis • 2/12/2016

Day 5 of LUNCH MONEY was the crew’s strongest day, don’t sleep on it!

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 4
Francis • 2/11/2016

LUNCH MONEY Day 4. You guessed it, it was another solid day in Denver. Little bit of rain won’t stop this crew.

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 3
Francis • 2/10/2016

Day 3 of LUNCH MONEY is live! We only had time for one spot before we went to hang out at Pusher BMX for the afternoon, but the dudes made the most of it.

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 2
Francis • 2/9/2016

Here’s Day 2 of LUNCH MONEY. The guys came back with 4 minutes of solid footage in one day, it was unreal.

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 1
Francis • 2/8/2016

Full Factory is proud to present Day 1 of LUNCH MONEY. These kids poured their hearts into this trip every single day and had a blast doing it, and we’re so excited for you to check it out.

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Lunch Money / Denver:
Day 0
Francis • 2/7/2016

Six of Odyssey and Sunday’s rising young stars put their food money on the line for six days. Check out Day 0 right now, and get ready for the series to kick off with Day 1 dropping tomorrow.

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