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Slim by Four
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I can see clearly now… Francis • 6/22/2009

It’s going to be a bright, bright, sun-shiny day for all the kids wondering when the clear brake pads are going to be available. The answer is now. They’re shipping out to distributors so hit up your shops and mail-orders to get one step closer to having a see-through bike. These clear Slim by Fours are the preferred brake pads to be used with our painted rims so if you’re looking to rock some colorful Rollcage or Hazard Lite rims, these pads are the way to go.

Bike Check:
Terry Adams
Francis • 2/16/2009

There are a lot of Flatware products currently in the prototype stages and Terry Adam’s ride has just about all of them. Check out his bike check above to get a full list and a closer look. Also, if that shirt looks familiar, it’s the Frequency G tire pattern shirt we posted about a while ago.

All photos are by Robby Klein.