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Slim by Four
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Evo 2 & Springfield Brake Kits:
Available Now
Francis • 1/27/2014

Odyssey Brake Kits

We are introducing new brake kits featuring the most popular brakes, levers and cables available. The Springfield Brake Kit or the Evo 2 Brake Kit will provide easy braking upgrades along with value, as each kit will be more affordable than buying each part individually. All necessary hardware will be included as well. Doesn’t get much better!


The EVO 2 BRAKE KIT includes:

Aaron Ross’ Orange Francis • 9/22/2010

The first bike up on the list is Aaron Ross’ Orange! Safety Orange is the new colorway we have lined up. The only part we have available right now for sale is the Aaron Ross Grip but you can expect everything else to come trickling in later this year.

One other thing that’s new in this bike check is Aaron Ross’ signature tire! It keeps the keyboard theme of all his other signature parts and the thread pattern are inverted keys which spell out some fun messages from Aaron Ross and a handful from the contest we held last year (we’ll be announcing the winners soon (credit karen here)). Click around the flipbook above for more photos and a complete parts list!

Odyssey Brake Pad Breakdown Nuno • 9/17/2010

The photo above shows our current stock of Slim by Four brake pad offerings. There have been lots of inquiries about the pads, so read on for more info.

Most of the mail that we get asks the same question; “Which pad is best for me?” So, with that said, please continue reading for a breakdown on each pad.

Black – Normal Compound. Best overall pad for most riders. Can also be found on our Evo 2 Brakes.

Red – Medium Compound. More “grip”, with less “feather” than black pads.

Clear – Soft Compound. Most “grip” due to the extra-soft rubber durometer that is used. Ideal for our powder coated rims.

Gum – Soft Compound. Performs similar to clear.

The Slim by Four has a custom designed inner frame and a fully symmetrical BMX-specific shape designed for braking while rolling in forward and reverse.

Please note that the soft clear pads may still wear through the finish on powder coated rims over time, but they will not leave the “black streaks” that can result from using ordinary pads.

For those finicky riders constantly in search of dialed brakes, choosing the correct pad for your set-up can make all the difference.

Hit up your local shop or mailorder for some Slim By Four’s.

Aaron’s Sunday/Etnies Bike Francis • 8/19/2010

Ride UK is holding a contest to give away one of the 20 Sunday x Etnies x Odyssey bikes. To win, all you have to head over to their site and answer the question. It’s pretty easy and this bike check might even help you out a little…

Click around the flipbook above for the full parts list. Available now in Mint Green are Vandero 2 hubs, Hazard Lite rims, Evo II brakes, Monolever and the Aaron Ross Veteran Saddle in Herringbone!

If you haven’t seen the Triple Shot video series yet, clicking here would be a good start.

Banton Bike Check Francis • 7/12/2010

Vital BMX just put up a video bike check with Adam Banton!

Gary Young Bike Check! Francis • 5/25/2010

Gary Young has a bike check up over at the Sunday site. We noticed some kids happened to spy that he’s not running his own grips right now and that’s mainly because he’s in the process of updating his signature grip so he’s trying out some other ones to see what changes he wants. Also, the Gary Young bar will also be getting a fresh update soon so keep an eye out for that as well!

Check out the pics above and then play Pong when you’re done!
Oh and you might as well watch his Tunnel edit again, too.

Tom Perry Bike Check Francis • 1/6/2010

Tom Perry sent us a bike check recently and you can check that out in the flipbook above. To go along with it, he also answered a random assortment of questions for us. Read on to read more.

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Jimmy Levan Bike Check Francis • 12/30/2009

In case you were wondering what Jimmy’s riding these days, here a flipbook for you to look through! It’s an all metal bike for the guy who runs Metal Bikes. Read more for a brief Q&A about his setup and a few extra photos.

Also, keep checking back ’cause there’ll be a new video of Jimmy popping up soon!

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Our nomad’s new ride Francis • 11/6/2009

Adam Banton shot a bunch of pics of his bike recently and sent it over to us. It’s looking rather devilish with the all black and splash of red scheme he has going on. Click around the flipbook above to see what parts he’s running and hit up the Q&A below to learn a little more about his setup and what he’s been getting into lately.

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Show Bike:
Fire Engine Red
Francis • 9/25/2009

We have a couple show bikes lingering around our booth and one of them is completely decked out in the Fire Engine Red parts kit we posted a couple days ago. Aside from having the full kit, this bike also has our prototype seat post, which works for both pivotal and railed seats.