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Behind the Chameleon Francis • 8/5/2009

Check out the DIG Q&A!

Dig hit us up recently with some behind the scene questions about our Chameleon pedals and saddles. To read the Q&A, click here.

ch… ch… changes. Francis • 6/15/2009

Also, we started up an Odyssey Vimeo Group. It’s lonely at the moment so if you have a Vimeo account, feel free to join and share your videos through it.

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Colored & Clear Plegs Francis • 5/18/2009

I don’t think anybody guessed Plegs at all in our new shipment post so we’ll start the unveiling with these. They’re shipping now so contact your shops and mail-orders to get your hands on a pair.

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Brown and Red Twisted PCs Francis • 4/7/2009

Twisted PC: Brown and Red

Twisted PCs are now available in brown and red. They’re the perfect match for our Senior Pivotal Saddles. To get your feet on a pair, call up your shops and dance in the street.

Oh and word on the internet is there’ll be a Ratchet giveaway happening soon on our Twitter

Adam Banton Wallpaper & Electronical section Francis • 3/31/2009

Here’s Adam’s section in Electronical. Front and rear stoppies in full effect, along with plenty of sliders and front wheel action.


Glow in the Dark!

People have been asking what colors each of the Glow PC colors actually glow, so I made the above image so you can see what’s what. It’s a combination of the non-glowing pedals, and the glowing version.

You can click on the picture to see it bigger.
Available now.

Glow In the Dark Twisted PCs Francis • 9/25/2008


WWJCPCD? Francis •

Instead of shooting plastic into the JC mold, the JC PC was designed from the ground up, with many new ideas and only the JC shape in mind.

Par Ends ad Nuno • 7/23/2008

Here’s the Par End ad that we recently ran in the magazines. Don’t get the Par Ends confused with the cheap ones you get free with grips. These are way more durable, and inexpensive. Hit up your local shop.