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Chameleon? Posted by Francis on May 22, 2009

Here’s a sneak peek at some translucent white Senior 2 Pivotal saddles and Twisted PC pedals that we have in the works. More info coming soon.

We’ll be uploading all of our product promo videos on our Vimeo channel so add us as a contact and subscribe to it!

Brown and Red Twisted PCs Posted by Francis on Apr 7, 2009

Twisted PC: Brown and Red

Twisted PCs are now available in brown and red. They’re the perfect match for our Senior Pivotal Saddles. To get your feet on a pair, call up your shops and dance in the street.

Oh and word on the internet is there’ll be a Ratchet giveaway happening soon on our Twitter

Adam Banton Wallpaper & Electronical section Posted by Francis on Mar 31, 2009

Here’s Adam’s section in Electronical. Front and rear stoppies in full effect, along with plenty of sliders and front wheel action.

Ocean Blue Trailmix Pedals Available Now! Posted by Francis on Jan 30, 2009

Ocean Blue Trailmix pedals

Our Trailmix Pedals are now available in Ocean Blue!
More information available after the jump.

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Glow in the Dark Twisted PCs Posted by Francis on Dec 10, 2008

Remember those Glow in the Dark Twisted PCs we showed you during Interbike? Well, they’re available now and you can get in touch with your local shop or mail order to get your hands on a pair.

Shops can contact our distributors to stock up.

Glow In the Dark Twisted PCs Posted by Francis on Sep 25, 2008


WWJCPCD? Posted by Francis on Sep 25, 2008

Instead of shooting plastic into the JC mold, the JC PC was designed from the ground up, with many new ideas and only the JC shape in mind.

iPedals and Griswald Grips are here! Posted by Francis on Aug 20, 2008

The long awaited iPedals and Griswald Grips are finally in the states, and should be available within a few weeks at local shops and mail-orders. If you get one, make sure to get the other. They match up perfectly, right down to the white bar-ends and end-caps.