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Available Now:
Full Length Aitken Hellbent Gloves

Mike Aitken’s Hellbent gloves are now available in a full length version. You can get it in Black, Distressed or Oxblood. Visit your local bike shop, call your favorite mail-order or click over to our online store to get your hands in a pair.

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Holiday 2012 Softgoods:

We dropped our Holiday 2012 Softgoods look book last week on Defgrip and now here’s a behind the scenes video of what went down during the shoot. Aaron Ross, Mike Aitken, Eric Lichtenberger, Tom Dugan, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Broc Raifrod, Matt Beringer, Mat Houck, Jared Swafford, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Terry Adams, Kyle Hart, Dirt Ron, Grant Germain and Jabari Winters were all with us to help make this one hell of a good a time.

Remember, these are all available NOW! Hit up your local shops, mail-orders and our online store to get some. The full line is also available at Dan’s Comp. USA dealers can pick up the line through Full Factory Distro.

Mike Aitken:

Jordan Utley has uploaded Mike Aitken’s section from KILLJOY. It documents Mikey’s recovery and rehab from his traumatic crash and his return to riding again 6 months after being released from the hospital.

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Mike Aitken:
Fit Life

Here’s another sweet Throwback Thursday from Fit. This time it’s Mike Aitken’s Fit Life section from 2007.

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ODSY Team:
Print Ad

Download our latest print ad to your desktop. It was shot earlier this year during our Team Retreat in Palm Springs. These are the dudes that help keep bmx awesome and we’re proud to have them on our team!

Mike Aitken in F-IT

As Fit‘s first installment of their Throwback Thursday series, they decided to kick things off with Mike Aitken‘s section from their 2001 release, F-IT.

Aitken’s Trans AM

Here’s another clip to add to our TGIF series. This one comes from the epic Travel Log that Mike Aitken, Tom Dugan and Joe Rich took part in last fall.

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Team Retreat:
Palm Springs MMXII

In case you guys missed it earlier this week on Defgrip, here’s a re-up of our latest ODSY Vision. The whole gang is in this one so make sure to hit that play button!

Team Retreat:
Palm Springs MMXII

Video Premiere

Head over to DEFGRIP to check out our ODSY Vision Premiere. Make sure to grab some popcorn or a snack of some sort ’cause this one’s long and good. We flew the entire team to Palm Springs for a little over a week to hang out and do a little bit of bike riding. Enjoy :)

Mike Aitken:
Stay Fit

Stay Fit was dedicated to Mikey and they saved his section for last when they decided to put it online.