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Jim Bauer
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Odyssey / TCU Podcast Francis • 12/8/2015

Nuno and Jim swung by the TCU compound recently for their latest episode of TCU TV. They cover a range of things, so hit play and enjoy!

Interbike 2013:
Ride BMX Video Spotlight
Francis • 9/23/2013

Ride BMX stopped by the Full Factory Booth to check out what we have in the works.

Some highlights include Chase Hawk and Tom Dugan signature Tripod Seats, a 38mm reach version of our Lincoln stem and our highly anticipated Key Chain is currently in the prebook stages, so keep an eye out for them at your local shops and favorite mail orders!

Also, the Bauer man happens to be wearing one of my favorite shirts from our Spring 2013 line up. Click HERE to get one.

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Calling out tricks at the Full Factory Jam Nuno • 6/25/2013

Nate Richter came by the Full Factory jam this weekend with camera in hand. He called out some tricks and captured the good times. There’s a great mix of people in this, so be sure to give it a look.

Thanks to everyone that came out. Til next time…

Ramped Up Francis • 5/3/2013

It’s been a long time coming but we finally got some ramps in our home at Full Factory. Click on over to Ride BMX for the full scoop.

March Madness:
Vital Video
Francis • 3/26/2013

Zach Krejmas was on hand to cover our March Madness event for Vital. If you guys missed out on it this weekend, make sure to try to make it out next year!

The Union:
Company Check
Francis • 2/13/2013

Head over to The Union for an interview with Jim Bauer. It’ll give you guys a good idea of what we have going on these days.

Gary Young:
Francis • 2/4/2013

Check out Gary Young dropping in from a roof in Palm Springs. If the scene looks familiar, you might recognize this train from our Team Retreat.

Click the photo to download the wallpaper from Ride BMX.

Story Time with Jim Bauer Francis • 10/22/2012

Introducing a new monthly series for Quintin, Story Time is a look behind our brand and our friends brands as well as everyone that makes up the Quintin Family. Jim is the Art director at Odyssey BMX, as well as being a rider, family man and car guy. Meet a man behind the scenes of BMX, with many talents, Jim Bauer is our featured person on the first episode of a series we call Story Time.

Quintin Co.

One Hot Product:
R-Series Forks
Francis • 6/13/2012

Ride BMX stopped by to chat with Jim Bauer about our R-Series forks. They’re available now so hit up your favorite bike shop or mail-order to upgrade your shred sled.

Palm Springs MMXII
Francis • 2/21/2012

We have a HUGE team and at any given time during this trip, the chances were high that somebody had their phone out to capture some memories. Here’s a compilation of some of our favorite snapshots from the trip.

If you’re on instagram, make sure to follow us and catch the action as it happens.