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Fire Engine Red
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New JCPC Pedal Halves
Nuno • 12/28/2011

We now have brand new Red, Blue and Ocean Blue JCPC pedal halves available.

If you’re running JCPC’s, than these replacement halves are a great way to update your pedals. You can also get crazy with color combos if you like. The halves are side specific and come with both halves to complete one pedal.

USA dealers please contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory Distribution.

International dealers please hit up our distro page.

If anyone has difficulty finding these, we have them available on our store.

New Par Ends Colors Nuno • 12/19/2011

New Ocean Blue, Purple, White and Red Par Ends available now!!

Par Ends are the perfect upgrade if you’re in need of durable inexpensive bar ends, wish to spruce up your bike or just want to replace the cheap ones that came on your grips.

However, our grips come STOCK with Par Ends, so you might already be set.

USA dealers please contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory Distribution.

International dealers please hit up our distro page.

Bike Check:
Hoang Tran
Francis • 1/3/2011

Hoang has a new bike check over at ESPN. Click HERE to check out his current zombie slayer.

Hit up his photo blog, Life of Leisure and then follow him on Twitter.

Tom Dugan
Francis • 12/27/2010

Here is Tom Dugan’s latest ride, courtesy of PropsBMX.tv.

Fire Engine Red Wheels Francis • 5/20/2010

To go along with our Fire Engine Red extravaganza, for a limited time, we added these to our arsenal of Hazard Lite Wheels. Click around the flipbook to get the full scoop and then contact your local shops or mail-orders to get rad!

Available Now:
Fire Engine Red
Francis • 5/17/2010

Our most complete parts kit ever is here and available now. Hit up your local shops and mail-orders to turn your bike red. Check out the Fire Engine Red flipbook for a complete parts list and more pics!

Hoang’s new bike Francis • 4/8/2010

Hoang Tran built up a new bike recently and it’s looking slick. He has a lot of our Fire Engine Red parts on it (coming soon) and it’s looking great with his new signature frame. Click around the flipbook above to check it out!

Thanks to Josh Hayes for the pics!

splattered Francis • 11/30/2009

Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez sent us some pics of his splatter bike, decked out with some Fire Engine Red parts. The Senior 2 saddle is available now and the rest of the red will come early next year.

We have Mike on the team as our designated racer but he’s down to shred some parks and ditches as well. Check out the Swine Flu Tour for some clips.

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One more video from Interbike! Odyssey • 9/27/2009

This may be the last one floating around out there. Watch it to get a closer look of our prototype pivotal/railed post combo and Adam Banton’s new grips.

Show Bike:
Fire Engine Red
Francis • 9/25/2009

We have a couple show bikes lingering around our booth and one of them is completely decked out in the Fire Engine Red parts kit we posted a couple days ago. Aside from having the full kit, this bike also has our prototype seat post, which works for both pivotal and railed seats.