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Dean Dickinson
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Dean Dickinson Interview
Francis • 10/17/2013

Dean Dickinson

Hit up the Red Bull website for an interview with the man in charge of making sure #TexasToast2013 goes off as smoothly as possible. He’s been putting in loooooooong days these past few weeks and everything is coming together. Tomorrow’s the big day!

Dean Dickinson
Nuno • 2/20/2013

Dean Dickinson / Texas Toast Jam

We’ve brought on our friend and trusted industry promoter of awesomeness; Dean Dickinson, to project manage this years Texas Toast Jam.

Dean has organized countless jams and events, worked with Justin Kosman on The Hunt project in 2012, put together a book and has ridden every pool on earth (probably). Dean is just the person for this role and we are stoked to have him on board. While Dean will be handling the bulk of the planning and organizing for this years Texas Toast Jam, Taj Mihelich will still be working close at hand as Toast’s overall source of guidance and inspiration for 2013.

Dean has hit the ground running and plans for TTJ 2013 are already underway.

If you wish to be a part of this years Texas Toast Jam, please contact Dean at: deand@odysseybmx.com

Warning: It’s gonna be awesome again!

You Won’t! Francis • 8/8/2012

Mark your calendars! August 24th/25th is going to be an awesome weekend if you’re living anywhere near Portland. Team Shralp’s putting on a book release party for You Won’t – The Story of 100 Pools and during it, there’ll be a premiere for Empire’s Bad Idea as well. It’s all free so make sure to swing by and hang out.

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Prop’s Pink Motel Coverage Francis • 7/23/2010

Props Visual just uploaded their coverage of Dean’s Pink Motel Pool Party and Jimmy Levan walks you through it and he even clocks in a clip for good measure! Watch the video to see shredding from Dean Dickinson, Tom Dugan, Dirt Ron, Jim Bauer and many more.

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Pink Motel Francis • 5/3/2010

Dean Dickinson reached his 100th pool mark a while ago but this weekend was when the official celebrations were held. Invitations went out and plenty of people made the trek out to the Pink Motel to party in the deep end. Adam Banton came appropriately dressed in his board shorts, Nuno shot a bunch of pics for Defgrip, Tom Dugan blasted over a werewolf, Jim Bauer hopped over the entire pool and Jimmy Levan even flew down from Seattle! We donated a bunch of Plegs to keep the coping safe and a handful of other goods as prizes. Ironically enough, Jim and Tom ended up winning some of it back. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of videos popping up soon so we’ll keep you posted via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and telepathy.

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Dean, WTF?! Francis • 6/9/2009

Dean Dickinson
Dean Dickinson, SHRALPIN’. Photo by Jared Souney (.com)

Dean Dickinson, the man with over 100 pools under his wheels, put together a jam this past weekend over at the Donald skatepark in Oregon. The park features a replica of the famous Nude Bowl and that’s where the majority of the shredding ensued. To help preserve the integrity of the pool coping, we donated a bunch of G-Sport Plegs. Dean’s carve photo above is bonkers and if you want to see more great pics and info from the jam, make sure to visit JaredSouney.com.