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Classic Top Load
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Hoang Tran Bike Check Francis • 10/17/2011

Head over to Dans360.com to see what parts Hoang’s running these days.

Eric L Bike Check Francis • 5/15/2011

Head over to ESPN for Eric Lichtenberger’s latest ride. There’s a prototype on there that you guys might like! When you’re done checking out his bike, make sure to say hi to him on Twitter.

Eric L’s green machine Francis • 11/23/2010

Eric loves his greens and his bike is no exception. There’s a handful of new items on this ride, including the Chase Hawk signature sprocket and Aaron Ross’ signature tire. Click around the flipbook above for more pics and a parts list.

If you’re on Twitter, hit him up at twitter.com/ericlichtenberg. And while you’re at it, download his wallpaper / print ad as well!

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Interbike 2009 Francis • 9/23/2009

Interbike is in full swing and we’ll be posting updates and debuting new products throughout the week. Above is a little taste of some of the things we brought to the big show.

Nuno’s bike check overspill Francis • 4/16/2009

When not breaking collarbones, Nuno‘s been tearing up the trails lately on a Sunday Model D. Jim Cielencki put up his bike check the other day over at Sunday Bikes and there were a handful of extra photos. Instead of letting them collect gigadust in my harddrive, we decided to do an overspill. In case you didn’t know, silver’s the new black and it’s bringing sexy back. The previous sentence may or may not be deleted with time.

Classic Top Loader Stem Francis • 9/10/2008

We have some new products shipping to distributors. Our Classic Top Loader Stem will now be available in gold, high-polished and white (while still available in the standard colors of black and silver).