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Ross, Dugan, and Hawk:
Etnies Chapters
Another Perspective

Watch some footage of Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Nathan Williams and Geoff Slattery while Aaron shares some of his thoughts about filming for Etnies’ latest video.

Chase Hawk:
Jameson Bloodline

A pool party with Chase Hawk in attendance is always a good time. This new Etnies promo delivers just that and a sick corner manual as a bonus.

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Chase, Aaron, Ruben, and Joe:
Fox Breaking Boundaries Tour

Join the Fox crew on a trip down south to Peru and Guatemala. This trip definitely looked like a good time!

Odyssey 2014 Gallery

Gary Young, San Diego
Tom Dugan, Austin
Chase Hawk, New Braunfels, TX
Jacob Cable, California
Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes, California
Jacob Cable, California
Chase Hawk, Lockhart, TX
Tom Dugan, Marble Falls, TX
Aaron Ross, Chicago
Matt Nordstrom, Chicago
Tom Dugan, Austin
Sean Sexton, Wales, UK
Broc Raiford, Wales, UK
Ride to Glory crew, Wycombe, UK
Tom Dugan, Vancouver, Canada

2014 was awesome, and before we move on to 2015 here’s a quick look back at some of our favorite images from this year.

Photos by Walter Pieringer.

Friends Til the End:
Chase Hawk and Joe Rich


If you need a friendly reminder as to why Chase won that NORA, click on over to Dig BMX for all the proof you need.

This caption is spot on:

“What do you mean? How did Chase do so good at that contest, it says here his best trick was a 360, I can do that!” Yep, just a simple 360, we all can do these right ?

Chase Hawk:
Ramp Rider of the Year!!!

The good dudes at Ride threw one hell of a NORA Cup party last night and our boy Chase got to bring home one of those shiny cups!

Oh and as icing to an already badass cake, the legendary Dave Osato was the one who presented it to him.

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Chase Hawk:
Washington Video

New Hawk footage is always good footage. Watch him unleash a fury of steeze in this hefty new video from Cult.

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Vans US Open 2014:
Hawk, Young and Dugan!

Our dudes absolutely killed it at Vans US Open. Gary Young took home first place in the overall contest, Chase Hawk got second while also winning the best line award, and Tom Dugan swooped up highest air. Watch the video from Ride BMX for all the highlights.

Chase Hawk:
Etnies Marana OG Promo

This spot looks incredible to begin with but Chase Hawk riding it makes it that much better.

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Chase Hawk:
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If you know what’s good for ya, save and set this as your wallpaper.

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