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G-Sport George on BMXFeed.com Francis • 9/24/2009

G-Sport Hub Guard
Watch the videos after the link and hit up BMXFeed.com for other Interbike coverage.

BMXFeed.com stopped by our booth again and hit up George to talk about our new seat post and the G-Sport Ratchet hub guard. The seat post is designed to be used with both pivotal AND railed seats while the hub guard is the best companion for your Ratchet to protect it from treacherous rails and ledges.

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Odyssey Video on BMXFeed.com Francis •

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BMXFeed.com expanded their website for this year’s interbike and they’re bringing you semi-live updates, straight from an iPhone! Above is a video with Jim Bauer talking about some of the stuff we have around in the booth. Check BMXFeed.com for other interbike updates!