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Aaron Ross
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Aaron Ross Bike Check Nuno • 6/13/2017

New Aaron Ross bike check courtesy of Sunday Bikes.

Aaron Ross Grow Up Video Part Nuno • 3/28/2017

Sunday Bikes have uploaded Aaron’s awesome Grow Up part. Stop reading and click play!

The Aaron Ross Podcast Nuno • 10/31/2016


Hit the DIG BMX site for a sweet podcast with Aaron Ross. Do it!

Odyssey VS. Miami Walter • 5/27/2016

Miami. What a crazy place. The entire Odyssey team spent a week in this outrageous palm tree and concrete jungle, and every day was a struggle. Tom Dugan, who’s back was already tweaked prior to the trip, had his bike stolen the first day. Jacob Cable fell deathly ill and was bedridden for most of the trip. Our Airbnb host tried to steal our bike rack, and our jet ski tour guide lost his shit when we were, according to him, being too reckless on the jet skis (he worries too much and also needs to chill). And we got kicked out of a lot of spots. And not just kicked out, but brutally screamed at and degraded, or even physically attacked. But the Odyssey team will not be stopped. These guys rode as hard as they could every day, banded together against those trying to prevent us from doing our thing, and filmed a damn fine video, even in the face of so much adversity. Enjoy!

Featuring Aaron Ross, Brandon Webster, Broc Raiford, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Jacob Cable, Matt Nordstrom, and Travis Hughes.

View the Photo Journal at DigBMX.com →

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Aaron Ross / Wallpaper Wednesday Francis • 3/2/2016

It’s Wednesday again, so that means you guys are getting a fresh new wallpaper to download. Here’s Aaron Ross throwing a hefty hop bar into a sketchy bank.

Photo by Walter Pieringer.

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Tom Dugan / Aaron Ross:
How We Ball
Francis • 1/13/2016

Those guys at Empire don’t play around. Hit play to watch Aaron spin donuts in a Lambo and watch Tom Dugan spin a 360 over one.

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Aaron Ross:
Odyssey 30•15
Francis • 12/31/2015

Here’s the BOSS bringing you some fresh lines from his section in our Odyssey 30•15 video!

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Odyssey 30•15 / Full Video Francis • 12/12/2015

2015 marks Odyssey’s 30 year anniversary, and to celebrate we put together 30•15 with sections from the entire Odyssey team. We’ve been filming for this thing the whole year and are stoked to finally get to share it with you.

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Product Video:
Aaron Ross BOSS Stem
Nuno • 12/1/2015

Using our popular SXTN stem as a springboard, Aaron Ross’ signature BOSS stem is a classic top load design with 52mm of reach and a 35mm rise.


  • Six bolt clamping configuration
  • Headset pre-load bolt recess (32mm diameter)
  • 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC machined


  • 52mm reach
  • 35mm rise
  • 11 oz

Odyssey at RASP by John Bechtold Nuno • 8/21/2015

Check out some of teh action that went down at the recent Odyssey Ride Night at RASP skatepark.

Video by John Bechtold