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Aaron Ross Veteran
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Aaron Ross’ Orange Francis • 9/22/2010

The first bike up on the list is Aaron Ross’ Orange! Safety Orange is the new colorway we have lined up. The only part we have available right now for sale is the Aaron Ross Grip but you can expect everything else to come trickling in later this year.

One other thing that’s new in this bike check is Aaron Ross’ signature tire! It keeps the keyboard theme of all his other signature parts and the thread pattern are inverted keys which spell out some fun messages from Aaron Ross and a handful from the contest we held last year (we’ll be announcing the winners soon (credit karen here)). Click around the flipbook above for more photos and a complete parts list!

Aaron’s Sunday/Etnies Bike Francis • 8/19/2010

Ride UK is holding a contest to give away one of the 20 Sunday x Etnies x Odyssey bikes. To win, all you have to head over to their site and answer the question. It’s pretty easy and this bike check might even help you out a little…

Click around the flipbook above for the full parts list. Available now in Mint Green are Vandero 2 hubs, Hazard Lite rims, Evo II brakes, Monolever and the Aaron Ross Veteran Saddle in Herringbone!

If you haven’t seen the Triple Shot video series yet, clicking here would be a good start.

Herringbone Saddles!
Francis • 7/22/2010

We have a new option available for our Senior 2 pivotal and Veteran (railed) saddles. It features a comfortable herringbone fabric and it’s available now. Contact your local shops or mail-orders to get one!

It’s the same seat that can be found on the Sunday/Etnies/Odyssey collab bike, which means you can even buy a matching shoe to go with it! Click HERE to watch the Aaron Ross Triple Shot edits again!

Aaron’s Watermelon Odyssey • 3/29/2010

Sunday posted some pics of Aaron’s Watermelon bike the other day and if you’re interested in what parts he’s running, here’s the list. Also, in case you guys are wondering, matching Watermelon Spacebars and Director Forks are scheduled to come sometime in May!

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Aaron Ross Veteran Saddle! Francis • 12/8/2009

Here’s the latest version of Aaron Ross’ signature Veteran saddle and it’s available now! Click around the flipbook above to get an up-close look. It’s a great match to not only the Fluorescent Pink and Ocean Blue parts we have but also the Odyssey themed version of his Etnies shoe we showed this past summer. The shoe is scheduled to be released early 2010 so you can get the seat now and then the matching shoe when it comes out!

(Tall) Bike Check Francis • 9/24/2009

You may have seen some photos of this tall bike floating around the internet these past few days and we decided to put together a little bike check featuring all of the parts we ended up using to make it happen. The hardest part to make this bike a reality was having a solid steering mechanism (we ended up having to use 4 headsets) and getting the right sprocket size combos to get the chain tension right through out the whole drive-terrain. The end result is a ridiculously tall bike with a lot of parts and a top wheel that rolls backwards when the bike is rolling forwards.

A huge thanks goes out to Rob at CM Speed for doing the welding for us!

Aaron Ross grip and bike check Francis • 5/27/2009

A couple bits of Aaron related news. There’s a bike check up over at DigBMX.com and as always, you can count on it being one of the most colorful bikes in BMX. Ocean Blue and Fluorescent Pink in full effect.

His signature grip is also available in white now. If you want to treat your palms to some luxurious softness, these grips are the way to go.