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Matt Nordstrom
Nuno • 5/25/2016


While on the recent Miami trip, Matt Nordstrom shot a bike check and did a quick Q&A with Andrew White from DIG BMX, click HERE to eyeball it.

Stunting on The Wicked Kicker Nuno • 5/23/2016

Tom Dugan, Nathan Hostick, and Jeremie Infelise take the Empire kicker out on the town. Enjoy!

Lunch Money:
All In
Nuno • 5/13/2016

This dropped a few months ago, but is very worthy of a RE-UP. Features our dudes Matt Nordstrom, Brandon Webster, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable.

This is in a playlist with each day of the trip if you need to catch up.


Gary Young 30•15 Video Part
Nuno • 5/4/2016

It’s Gary Young’s birthday! Watch this RE-UP of his 30•15 part then go wish him a Happy Birthday on social media somewhere.

Broc Raiford’s RAFT Stem Francis • 5/2/2016




(Uncheck if it looks wonky)

Presented by Odyssey:

Hit play to hear Broc talk you through his signature RAFT stem, which is available now.


  • Six bolt clamping configuration
  • Headset pre-load bolt recess (32mm diameter)
  • 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC machined


  • 50mm reach
  • 30mm rise
  • 11.4 oz

Travis Hughes / Welcome to Odyssey Pro Walter • 4/29/2016




(Uncheck if it looks wonky)

Presented by Odyssey:

Travis doesn’t know it yet, but he just got bumped up to the Odyssey pro team. Congratulations dude!

Like with most pro bumps, this was a pretty easy decision to make. Travis is so good at bikes, it can be pretty hard to comprehend sometimes. Also hard to comprehend is that Travis is still only 17 years old, especially when you realize he’s already been repping Odyssey for two years now. He’s been such an important part of our AM team, steady killing it on every trip and for every video, and it’s been a real treat watching his riding progress at such a ridiculous pace over the past couple of years. It’s been clear for a minute the time has come to turn him pro – check out his video and you’ll see what I mean. The kid’s got it.

– Walter Pieringer, Odyssey TM

Video by Sauce, photo by Chris Eiland.

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Stampy Handlebar Test Francis • 4/26/2016




(Uncheck if it looks wonky)

Presented by Odyssey:

As part of our mission to make the best BMX parts possible, we continue to refine the 41-Thermal® process at all stages of manufacturing. Each step in the process is held under strict scrutiny, and we continue to examine the strength and durability of all our parts.

In our previous Stampy tests, we have blown away the industry standard “EN tests” for forks and cranks, and now it’s time to take a look at handlebars. In our latest test, we have taken bars with very similar height, width, and sweep dimensions, and tried to replicate a lifetime of nose-diving into the ground and pulling up on the bars for a sprint to gain speed in a confined space.

The Stampy handlebar rig drives down on the grip sections right where your hands would be with 1000N (that is about 225 pounds of force) per side, and then pulls back up with another 1000N (225lb). It drives down at a 45 degree angle, just like you would in real life. However, unlike a real rider, the Stampy rig can do this 18,000 times per hour, for as long as it takes to break the handlebar. To get an idea of what that’s like, you can fill a backpack with bricks until you weigh 225 pounds and then attempt to do 30,000 one-arm push-ups, and 30,000 one-arm pull-ups.


As expected, when we tested our bars against our competitor’s bars that had similar geometry, we outperformed them once again. Our worst bar was 33% better than the best of the rest, and our best bar was over 400% more durable than the worst. So remember, when you are buying bars, although they may look very similar, they are not all “the same”.

When you see how hard we push to make the best parts; to make them better and better every chance we get, it is easy to understand why our legendary lifetime warranty against bending and breaking is still around 17 years after we first introduced it. And when you see the contrast between our bars and our competitors, you can also quickly see why most of their warranties have long since been quietly canceled or modified with complicated terms and conditions that usually limit the warranty to manufacturing defects alone.

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What I Ride:
Broc Raiford
Nuno • 4/25/2016

What I Ride - Broc Raiford

Broc recently built up a brand new bike and Ride BMX was kind enough to document it. Go HERE for the full bike check.

Gary Young 2014 Video Part
Nuno • 4/22/2016

Today is as good as any to re-visit Gary’s awesome 2014 video part. Enjoy!

Broc Raiford / RIDE Bmx Pro Part Nuno • 4/20/2016

Straight fire!! Shoutout to Ride BMX.