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Gary Young Grow Up Part Nuno • 3/14/2017

It’s always a treat to watch Gary Young ride, especially when he seems to keep getting better and better! This part from the Sunday Bikes Grow Up video is awesome.


Par Ends Turn 10 Nuno • 3/13/2017

2017 marks 10 years of our trusty Par Ends. Strong, light and proven. Accept no imitations.

Sold in pairs and come stock with all Odyssey grips.

Jacob Cable
Nuno • 3/7/2017

Hit DIG BMX to get a closer look at Jacob Cable’s current setup.

March Madness Warehouse Sale & Jam Nuno • 3/1/2017

Stop by Full Factory for a good time on March 18th. Ride with these dudes and grab some new product at great deals.

Bike Check:
Jacob Cable
Nuno • 2/28/2017

Hit play and check out Jacob’s current setup!

Nordstrom & Krolicki Park Session Nuno • 2/22/2017

Matt Nordstrom and Chase Krolicki fire out a sick park session for the lens of Francis Castro and The Come Up.


Bike Check:
Chase Krolicki
Nuno • 2/21/2017

Chase Krolicki is currently out in California and built up a new ride. Click play to check out what he’s running.

Travis Hughes:
Park Days & How-To Pegs Hard 360
Francis • 2/9/2017

Here’s a couple new videos with our boy Travis! Watch him shred some skateparks, and then level-up your own game with a How-To.

Gary Young / Ride BMX Cover
Nuno • 2/2/2017


Here’s a throwback to 2006 with this Gary Young cover of Ride BMX, shot by Jeff Z. This shot has an interesting backstory, read below (courtesy of Ride site).

I had seen this tiny billboard in L.A. for a while and I always thought it would be cool to paint a logo on it and shoot a cover. The billboard was in an inconspicuous spot, didn’t appear to really be in use, and not too high off the ground. Opportunity knocked when we were planning the first official Ride photo issue. We really wanted a unique photo-driven cover, so I planned to give the billboard idea a go. The spot was a few blocks from Jim Bauer’s house and we had talked about the idea together on numerous occasions, so he was in charge of actually making the logo. We decided that it would be best not to actually paint the billboard itself, and attach something to it instead. Jim painted our low-impact cover logo on to three panels of wood and then screwed them onto the billboard with a drill gun. Then we recruited Gary Young for the stunts and we had a winning combination. Jim and Gary manicured the lip a little, Gary did a few downside footplants, and then we unscrewed the logo and left the lip intact so people would see it and wonder, “Why in the world is this here?” – Jeff Z.

Broc Raiford Ride BMX Pro Part
Nuno • 1/27/2017

Definitely worth a RE-UP in case you missed it. Straight fire!! Shoutout to Ride BMX.