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New Flow Riders! Francis • 8/24/2017

We just added four new shredders on our flow team! Check ’em out below.

Hilario Olivos

Here’s what Odyssey pro Justin Spriet has to say about his new teammate: “Hilario is a powerhouse on a bike whether he’s linking insane tech lines together or sending it off man-sized setups. He’s also one of the most polite and nicest kids ever and never has anything to complain about if he has a bike that rolls.” Add @hilariobmx on Instagram!

Jarren Barboza

Jarren’s really caught the eye of our crew, and we’re stoked to have him on board. The kid shreds! Add @jarrenbarboza on Instagram!

Jerome Odesa

Jerome Odesa is one of the most dialed and consistent young shredders coming up in Los Angeles today and he’s always in the mix. We’re stoked to have him on board. Add @jeromiee_thee_homiee on Instagram!

Preston Okert

Jerome Odessa is one of the most dialed and consistent young shredders coming up in Los Angeles today and he’s always in the mix. We’re stoked to have him on board. Add @preston_okert on Instagram!

ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / VX Edit #2 Francis • 8/7/2017

Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the latest ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY VX video, masterfully edited by Erik Elstran and filmed by and starring Erik, Mark Burnett, Broc Raiford, Jake Seeley, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Brett Silva, Brandon Webster, Tom Dugan, John Mayo, and Jacob Sanger. Everyone’s already hard at work on the next one, and filming for the HD videos is going incredibly well. Stay tuned…

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ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / In the Kitchen Francis • 7/28/2017

Catch up with the Odyssey and Sunday crews as they make breakfast, try to figure out which team Gary is on (hint: it’s Odyssey), and discuss Sunday’s current footage lead. There’s still 5 more weeks to film!

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Nacho Gomez Francis • 7/13/2017

Nacho just got added to our international team via Action Wheels!

Gary Young / Shred ‘Til Dad Francis • 7/12/2017

Really diggin’ this new Gary Young video!

Brandon Webster 2017 Walter • 7/10/2017

Brandon Webster is a proud Canadian, devout fisherman, hard worker, and incredible bike rider. Even with a full-time job and hours spent on the lake daily, Brandon still found time to film this killer video, traveling when he could and steadily stacking clips in locations as far flung as Austin, Miami, and Southern California. Brandon’s riding is a fantastic mix of tech and burly, and even his most tech moves are landed with such authority that they almost seem burly. Clips don’t always come easy for Brandon, but his determination sees him through, and I’m sure you’ll agree this part is well worth all the time and effort he’s put into it.

Champi Galán Francis • 7/6/2017

Champi just got added to our international team via Action Wheels. Hit play to check out his welcome edit!

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ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / An Introduction Francis • 6/16/2017

Get ready, Odyssey vs Sunday is underway now. Which team will win a trip anywhere in the world? Here’s the rundown:

  • All Odyssey and Sunday team riders can visit the Providence, RI house whenever they want, all summer long.
  • Odyssey and Sunday will each release a video in the fall with all their best footage.
  • Viewers vote for their favorite video, and the team with the most votes wins a trip anywhere in the world.
  • Riders from both teams will also be working together to film and edit VX videos dropping monthly.

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Justin Spriet / Bike Check Francis • 6/5/2017

Get a closer look at Justin’s current street, dirt, and park steed.

Frame: Fit Savage, 21″ TT
Fork: Fit Shiv v3
Handlebar: Fit Vandlebar
Stem: Odyssey TL48
Headset: Odyssey Pro (Conical)
Grips: S&M Hoder
Seat: Odyssey Monogram
Seatpost: Odyssey Tripod
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt, LHD/170mm
Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia, 27-T
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted Pro
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Tires: Odyssey Path Pro (2.4″ Front, 2.25″ Rear)
Pegs: Odyssey Graduate (Plastic)
Front Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite Front Wheel
Hazard Lite Rim laced to Vandero Pro Front Hub
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite Freecoaster Wheel
Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim laced to Clutch v2 Freecoaster (9-T)

Gary Young / VANS Illustrated Francis • 5/12/2017

You can’t go wrong with proper tabes, dope lines, and creative spot usage. Gary’s the man.

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