Travis Hughes for Kink BMX Posted by Nuno on Thursday, August 27th, 2015

More fire today! This time courtesy of Travis Hughes and Kink Bikes. Enjoy!

SF-it Posted by Nuno on Thursday, August 27th, 2015

These dudes killed it in the 5 days they were in SF. Shouts to Matt Nordstrom, Justin Spriet, Ethan Corriere and Francis Castro.

Odyssey at RASP by John Bechtold Posted by Nuno on Friday, August 21st, 2015

Check out some of teh action that went down at the recent Odyssey Ride Night at RASP skatepark.

Video by John Bechtold

Broc Raiford’s Finer Things part! Posted by Nuno on Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Broc killed it in this. Shouts to Volume for releasing this.

Jacob Cable: Feeble Hard 3 How-To Posted by Nuno on Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Let young Jacob Cable school you on the ways of the feeble hard 3.

Sean Sexton:
Clutch Freecoaster Promo Posted by staff on Thursday, August 6th, 2015





Brought to you by Odyssey:

Here’s Sean putting his new signature Clutch Freecoaster hub to work! Available now worldwide.

A traditional clutch-based coaster hub design that eliminates all of the problematic elements on ordinary hubs and only keeps the parts that work. A new, super-strong axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design stops the need for constant repairs. Equipped with external slack adjustment (can be adjusted without removing the rear wheel), and a plastic hub guard. Patents pending. Shipping now worldwide.

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Chase Hawk:
Long Story Short Posted by Nuno on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

DIG BMX sat down with Chase Hawk and picked his brain a bit. Learn some more about the man.

Gary Young Posted by Nuno on Friday, July 24th, 2015

Ride BMX put together this rad piece on Gary Young.

Gary Young, aka last year’s Van Doren Invitational winner and all around good dude, talks about life, his own riding, and what makes the Van Doren Invitational the great event that it is. I wanted to show that Gary’s every day riding isn’t far from what he does at an event, so went to one of the oldest public parks in San Diego and he carved out a few of his typical lines…

Matt Nordstrom for Odyssey Posted by Francis on Thursday, July 16th, 2015





Brought to you by Odyssey:

I’ll say it, this is the best video I’ve ever made. Matt does tech tricks nobody’s doing, he does big shit, he flows soooo good, and he’s got a smile on his face the whole time. Seriously though, what more could you ask for? Matt put in a ton of work for this one, and I couldn’t be more stoked on how it turned out. Enjoy!

–Walter Pieringer

How to Hop 360 with Broc Raiford Posted by Francis on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Want to learn how to do a full 360 degree rotation without the use of special effects or bicycle ramp trickery? Well, you’re in luck because Ride BMX and Broc Raiford will walk you through the steps. Turn your head, bend your legs, and swoop up those pedals. Soon, you too shall have the pleasure of viewing your surroundings in one simple bunnyhop.