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JF Boulianne:
The Winter Soldier
Francis • 2/19/2015

The winter’s been rough up in Montreal and to get some riding done, JF’s been hitting up his friend’s basement. This video was filmed over a weekend and mark’s JF’s first video of the year.

Terry Adams:
Bike Check
Francis • 2/12/2014

Fat Tony just put a video bike check with our boy Terry. There are solid clips in here so make sure to hit play!

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Matthias Dandois:
Francis • 11/26/2013

Matthias Dandois - BMXplore

Matthias and Viki hit up Africa. Make sure to hit up the Red Bull Bikes website for more BMXplore videos and photos.

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Matthias Dandois:
Street Fighting Tour with Viki Gomez
Francis • 9/30/2013

Matthias was in Barcelona recently and joined Viki Gomez in the first episode of their Street Fighting tour.

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Terry Adams @ Manhattan College Francis •

Come watch this new video of Terry cruising around Manhattan College and introducing BMX to some of their students.

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JF Boulianne & Adam Kun:
Windy Sessions
Francis • 9/17/2013

You guys get twice the awesome in this one. JFB and Adam Kun gets a session going in Budapest, Hungary!

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Matthias Dandois:
KTGM Practice
Francis • 9/9/2013

Spotted this on Global Flat. Matthais Dandois practice footage filmed during the KTGM Jam 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.

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Matthias Dandois:
Baker’s Dozen
Francis • 8/23/2013

The last clip in this will make you wish your bike had a g-turn button.

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Matthias Dandois:
One Line in NYC
Francis • 8/14/2013

During our trip in New-York we filmed a bunch of clip for the next commercial video of Pull-in Underwear and our web serie “Catch us if you can” about our world tour. But we didn’t have the chance to put this crazy line in our videos.

Filmed & edited by JC Pieri.

Jean-Francois Boulianne:
Francis •

Round 2 of World Circuit. Photo by Vince Perraud.

JFB has been busy these past few months and here’s a quick update on what he’s been up to. He’s currently ranked #1 in the American Flatland Circuit and Top 8 in the world. As you read this, there’s a very good chance he’s roaming around Europe somewhere. If you happen to run into him, give him a high five for us!

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