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and the nominees are… Francis • 9/7/2011

Chase Hawk: #1 Dirt and #1 Ramp Rider

Chase Hawk: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Dirt Jumper and #1 Ramp Rider

Gary Young: #1 Ramp Rider

Gary Young: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Ramp Rider

Matthias Dandois: #1 Flatlander

Matthias Dandois: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Flatlander

Mike Aitken: #1 Video Part, Anthem II

Mike Aitken: Top 5 Nominee for #1 Video Part, Anthem II

Our boys are killing it in the top 5 nominations for the2011 Ride BMX NORA Cup. Best of luck to Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken, Matthias Dandois and Gary Young!

All photos from RideBMX.com.