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Colored & Clear Plegs Francis • 5/18/2009

I don’t think anybody guessed Plegs at all in our new shipment post so we’ll start the unveiling with these. They’re shipping now so contact your shops and mail-orders to get your hands on a pair.

I’ve been running the Plegs you sent me without any problems for the last few months. I thought I’d just check in with some feedback…

They’re really hard wearing. I genuinely think they’d last me about 2 years of continuous use on the front… I basically haven’t been rotating my front pleg much just to see how durable they really are. They have worn down loads (see picture) and still haven’t failed. My general riding involves a lot of tricks that are hard on the front peg and I’ve been going out of my way to give it extra abuse when the oppourtunity arises. I’m pretty sure had I worn down an old style pleg in this way, it would have cracked and failed by now, but that’s just from a subjective point of view I guess.

I was lucky enough to ride a bowl with pool coping a while back, the Plegs were absolutely fantastic in that situation. Even the oldest and saltiest skateboarders were stoked on them.

Thanks, Will.