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Flatware / Socket Drive

Socket Drive

The flatland specific version of one of the most technically advanced crank designs on the market. 5 years of continuous development and refinement have allowed us to arrive at one of the strongest BMX crank designs available while still being exceptionally light. Simple one bolt installation via a unique multi-patented 2-piece crank arm design. New wedge cluster assembly with elastic retainer band. Flatware-specific hollow spindle and tubing thickness allows for an ultra-light design. Socket Drive™ sprocket interface eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt and allows for smaller sprocket sizes. Legendary 41-Thermal® lifetime guarantee. US Pat. Nos. 7,267,030, 7,523,684, 7,523,685, and/or 7,770,492


  • Flatware specific, hollow 22mm spindle
  • 160mm arms
  • Socket Drive™ sprocket interface
  • 41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly

In a nutshell, the Socket Drive™ system is a 9 sided interface which eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt. The sprocket itself is machined so there is no need for a sprocket insert of any kind. The two work great together.

Socket Drive™ is a royalty-free interface. Please download the spec sheet for dimensions and tolerancing specifications here to produce your own Socket Drive™ sprockets.