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Cranks / Calibur

Current Colors

  • Black
  • Chrome

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The Calibur Cranks are our new “traditional” 3-piece, 4130 chromoly cranks. With all the hardware and sealed bottom bracket included, these retail for the great price of $149.99 ($159.99 chrome).


  • LHD/RHD Compatible
  • Post-Weld Heat-Treated 4130 Chromoly Arms
  • Hollow 22mm, 48 Spline, Chromoly Spindle
  • 6mm Spindle Bolts
  • Sealed Bottom Bracket Included
  • Rustproof Black or Chrome
  • Available in 165mm, 170mm & 175mm size options

Available Now: Calibur Cranks

The brand new Calibur 3-piece cranks are available now.

Ask for them at your local shop or favorite mailorder.

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